Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Small Success Thursday - Sept 18

Hello everyone,

I started a post last week, but enumerating successes was hard. So I am back.

  • Stood in for Hubby presiding over the Band Boosters meeting while he was out of town. Just call me Edith Wilson. 
  • I have been successful at not breaking down at my teenager's emotional pendulum swings this week. He was very grumpy when I was able to make it school to pick him up. I understand having to sit around and wait is frustrating. but my job pays his tuition. Although he did say that he thinks this Catholic school was a much better choice than  he local public school. It is just too bad the public school district decided to punish parents for levy failures by eliminating busing for high schoolers...
  • Sunday I defrosted mt freezer. Hubby and DS were getting frustrated that there were not the usual heat a serve-type dished there, but I needed to get is emptied to the point where I could get everything in the freezer of the refrigerator. Coming up, a trip to Costco... 
Jump on over to Catholic Mom to share and celebrate the little successes we all forget about. 


Jeanine Spano said...

Defrosting your freezer is huge!!! Every time I go get something out of my deep freeze I think I need to do mine, but I keep putting it off!

Sherry Antonetti said...

I have teens too, and my mom gave me the idea of picturing putting your child in the arms of Mary, as the little black sheep --which when they're acting prodigal, they sometimes are. I've used this image when my teens are being...teenagers, and it gives me a greater grace so I don't feed into the angst.