Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Small Success -Examining the to-do list

Why is it so hard to find my successes. These are supposed to be small things. So let's go to my to do list:

  • Work on a Quilt - Nope
  • color my hair - yes, last night - Can I get a woo-hoo?
  • Cook Dinner - Monday was yes, Tuesday, leftovers, Last night - Hubby worked late. DS15 believe she got his Nephew's cold, so he wanted Chicken soup. Know what Chick soup looked like? A can of low sodium chick broth, water and concentrated stock, egg noodles cooked in the former and a couple of small cans of chicken thrown in. It is all gone.
  • Prepare chicken and noodles for 24 band kids on Friday. I cooked 2 whole chickens (ironically while making the above soup). I cooked them from frozen, and even got them deboned. 
  • Prepare 20 brownies for tailgating lunch at school. - Not yet, tonight. 
  • Take my grandson to get real shoes since he is walking and it is getting colder out. - His cold was making him unhappy hen i kept him Tuesday. We will try again tonight. 
Not so bad when I take a good look. I needed this this week. 

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I think chicken and noodles sounds WONDERFUL. Would you please share your recipe?

Maggie said...

Recipe? LOL!
I cook a whole chicken, Usually in my pressure cooker, but have boiled then and last night I roasted them in the oven. I debone the chicken. I usually do this ahead of time. I keep the juices, strain them a bit. I ahve been kow to boil my bones for more stock. or I augment it with canned or bullion. I use Kluski noodles, cook them in the broth. My Mom throws in chopped celery and Onion in there somewhere (the chicken or event he noodle cooking stage). I add the chicken in towards the end of the noodles cooking. Add some salt and pepper. I have been know to make large batches ahead of time and freeze it. You just have to watch in the reheating process that you don't stir it so much to chop up the noodles.