Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Small Success Thursday - Thanksgiving edition

Hello everyone,

It is late afternoon, we've eaten or turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pie and whatever else was put on the table. It was wonderful.

I am very happy that I have a job to go to on Monday. There are no Doctors or Physical therapy appointments to go to. Just band. And this will be the last week of babysitting my Grandson wile my son and Daughter-in-law attend class. (Her classes will be all in the day next semester.) Maybe I can hit the gym, or sew some planned Christmas gifts.

Last Saturday the Football team won their playoff game, so the play again This coming Saturday. S we will be moving band equipment. Yay! Praying for weather that is not too cold and not wet.

Sunday I was able to fix a big turkey dinner for my Husband, children, daughter-in-law, grandson along with my parents and mother-in-law. It was successful and fun for me.  

This evening hubby and I will sit down and discuss our Christmas plan and budget (yes, a little late for me).

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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