Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Small success Thursday - Dec 11

Welcome to Thursday once again. The week I thought was going to be peaceful and relaxed was not. 

Sunday night was a crisis when Hubby was unable to find the keys to his rental car. We looked everywhere, After driving from home to his office for the again, he sat down and was able ot remember the odd place he had put them. 

I attended the Holy Day Mass at 12:15. Holy day Mass attendance always takes a herculean effort between my 8-5 job and chauffeuring duties. 

Tuesday day was quite the day. I had trouble sleeping and was up early. I could hear water running in the vicinity of my refrigerator, but did not see any puddles. I hoped it was the frost-free cycle. But I came home after dropping the 15YO off at school and worked there. Sure enough, but 11 AM, the puddle showed itself. But I had given it enough time to go into the basement. I tugged at the Fridge but could not budge it. With Hubby out of town, I could not budge it. So I called my Dad who came down. Meanwhile, I was able to get it moved before he got there. There was a pinhole leak in the ice maker\dispenser waterline. I turned the valve, but the water did not stop. Dad came and fiddled with it and said the valve was backwards and I had it wide open rather than shut. ("It's not "righty-tighty" he said.) He made an attempt to fix the hose, but it still leaked. So that is on Hubby's to-do list for the weekend. 

I got a call about a job opportunity. I am not currently thrilled with it, but they understand I have a contract until Jan 30. I will put on my game face and go to an interview tomorrow. Then another opportunity came to me. My resume was hand-carried to the manager by someone I worked with before. This one is with a Catholic Hospital. another email said they would start interviews after the first of the year. My first choice would be to stay with my current assignment. But we will see. 

Have a great next week!

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