Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Small success Thursday- Start of Advent

Hello everyone,

It is that time of the week again to celebrate the little things we accomplish. I know that as a Mom who works outside them home, it does feeling like I am so bogged down each day, it feels like I am treading water in the daily routine of lather, rinse, repeat.

Some of my business is coming to an end. I still will be taking my 15YO to High school every morning, then going on to my office. (Grateful to have had a contract extension until Jan 30). But this is the last week for my older son and Daughter-in-law's evening college course, during which I babysit my grandson. So I needed to be home by 4:30 T & Th.

But, for this week,
- While we did go to a family farm and cut down our live Christmas tree, it is sitting unadorned in the formal living room. My family never put the tree up until about the third week of Advent. My parents both grew up with the German tradition of the tree being put up Christmas eve...I am taking it slowly. Today I will dig out the stockings and advent wreath (a little behind..) For we also celebrate the Feast of St. Nick. I have the candy for the stockings and an iTunes gift card for the 15YO to download some Christmas music he is keen to buy.

- Last night I picked the 15YO up after band practice and went and got him a tux shirt to wear at the concert on the 14th. That has been on my list for a while.

- I made an appointment to have the oil changed in my car for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I pray things slow down for you.
We put our tree up Thanksgiving weekend usually.
This year we are all decorated because my husband went on a trip and won't be back till mid-December.

Jaime Cheaney said...

Sounds like you got so much accomplished. Enjoy St. Nick's Day. I am ready as well (for once ahead of time instead of last minute). Hope life slows down a little for you. Maybe waiting for some stillness will be how you wait for Jesus this Advent. God bless.