Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Small Success Thursday - One week before Christmas...

Here I go again. Doubting, wondering.. How much should I take responsibility for finding a new job and how much do I rely on God for his blessing?

Had another interview last Friday. We decided I was not right for the job at hand but discussed bringing me in to talk to the lead of the Project management team. I dutifully sent an e-mail thank you note and the days this week I would be available and once again, radio silence. Does the perfect job exist? (My current contract is close - I love hat I am doing, the location is between home and my son'd High school (no busing, i drive him everyday) I can work form home at times. Will a continuation of my contract or a permanent job offer come next month? Can I afford to ignore opportunities that are just not quite right? I have been blessed so far. I pray that I continue to be blessed and that I recognize the need to take action.

I got the trees and my Nativities up last weekend. The house is decorated for Christmas.

I also hosted a dinner for my parents, Hubby's Mom, my son, his wife and our grandson and the three of us at home after the 15YO's band concert. It was simple, done up ahead of time and in crockpots. Hubby's default answer is to go out.But I proved we could do it at home.

These days, recognizing our successes as we go about our day to day lives can be difficult, so we reflect so that we can see we are moving forward and not just treading water.  Linking up with Catholic Mom.

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Jaime said...

My prayers are with you over the job situation. I'm sure it's hard to know what to do. Praying God sends that flashing, lit up billboard sign to let you know what to do! Merry Christmas to you and your family.