Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, May 04, 2015

My Home Office

So Sitting seems to be the new Smoking as far as health goes. So I wanted to fashion a stand-up workstation. This is not my first time around the block with a stand up desk. In 2012 I had a job working from home where I got an Ikea tall table and made it my desk. That job turned out not to be a good fit. Working from home full time was not for me at that time, but I liked the standing desk. My next Contract was with a company who's newly remodeled office features desks that could easily be converted to standing by holding a level and lifting or pushing the table. I would flip between the two positions rather regularly.  And actually, with that contract, I worked from home occasionally due to inclement weather or or a need to be closer to home for some reason. Since my older son moved out, I have a dedicated office rather than the home's dining room. That makes a huge difference.

This contract I can go downtown to an office or work from home. I am currently working in the office 2 days and at home 3.  So the point of this post is to show my office. I cleaned it out and re-arranged it last week.

View from the door: A Trundle bed, the small closet, my workstation and a traditional desk. Hubby and my son will use the desk on occasion.
The bed with stuff that still needs a permanent home.
Bookshelf, TV/Printer stand and night stand.
 My stand up workstation.
The traditional desk, file cabinet, printer and Bookcase.
I still need to do some clean-up. I don;t know if I can make it Toddler-Friendly so our Grandson can sleep on the bottom trundle when he spends the night. Too many things for the 16 Month-old to get into.
And I detailed out my stand-up desks in my project blog.

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