Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Small Success Thursday - May 14

We are coming up to the end of the school year. My teen son finished playing with the pit orchestra for the school spring musical, Tuesday was the band banquet. (He got the "Outstanding Freshman" award.) Tonight is a cookout and final band concert/recital. So it has been a busy week.

Sunday I had my folks, eldest son, his wife and my grandson over for a Mother's day brunch. I kept it simple and everyone said it was delicious. Thankfully Hubby was able to install my new range since the delivery guys would not do it since they would have had to take a fitting off the gas pipe. Sigh. Another team came to pick up the old range yesterday, asked why they had to come back and just shook their heads and said the first team was wrong. Ah well, they can take care of it.

Yesterday was a day where mt plans were blown to smithereens due to a miscommunication. Hubby forgot to tell me he had to take  a day trip for work. I had made appointments to have his car in the shop for ac repairs and to have my old range picked up. I work form home on Wed., but I was counting on Hubby to take the teen to school. Luckily the mechanic is a walk-able mile from home. so I took the teen to school, drive to the shop and walked home. at lunchtime I walked back over to the shop and brought the van home. So I handled that with a fair amount of grace.

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

HUGE success on dealing with your list-minute schedule changes gracefully! I'm not usually so good at that stuff. What's your secret?

Anonymous said...

You get a gold star lady!
Sigh... miscommunications happen. I hope it was a beautiful day.

Maggie said...

Ha Barb, My secret? My job is not stressful right now. Also I knew walking was an option. So I decided that as irritated as I was, it was not worth it. I don't usually have that in me and I did seeth for a short time. But Hubby and I drove home separately, so I had time to process before speaking.