Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Marathon Wedding Edition

Hello everyone,

We had a whirlwind weekend. Football game Friday night. It was a big rivalry and our team won. Then we were up early to drive 5 hours to Chicago for the wedding of Hubby's best friend from High school. Hubby and other friends took the Groom out to lunch and then had a boys afternoon out. I walked along Chicago's Magnificent mile people watching and windows shopping. I certainly got my steps in. My friend, wife of one of the guys Hubby was hanging out with, had prior commitment. Then up early ofr the Wedding. Did you see the story about the couple ho got married in the middle of running the Chicago Marathon? That was the wedding we attended. The story has gone viral. picked up by People and Runner's world.

After the vows at mile 8, 6 of us made our way to the 26 mile mark with a bouquet to hand off ot he bride to carry across the finish line. We killed some time withe lunch and some drinks in a bar near the finish line. Goodness was it fun to just kick back and enjoy the company. I think we were all ready for a weekend like this.

Here is a picture Hubby took:
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