Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Babysitting Edition

Hello everyone,

I am working from home today instead of going to the office as usual on Thursday because DS had a doctor's appt. (It went better than he expected) and then I have a cold. I decided not to subject my co-workers to my coughing and sneezing.

I survived the weekend with my grandson. His parents left early Friday morning on a 9 hour drive for her grandmother's funeral. Actually, my Mom, Grossmom (German for grandma) picked him up. Friday afternoon Hubby went to their house. It was me and him a good part of Saturday as Hubby and DS went to the High school football game. Then Sunday Hubby left about 2 PM for a business trip. Sunday night he spent with my parents and I picked him up after work and his parents picked him up Tuesday morning. Buy is a 21 month old busy. Lol! But I think he shared a cold with me before he left. He was good as gold in Church, he wants to see what is happening. He also knows we pray before meals and folds his hands.

I am ready for a quiet weekend. This Saturday is the band's fund-raiser, an Antique show. We sell concessions and charge an entry fee. I work and afternoon shift in the kitchen. Tonight I need to make some Pumpkin rolls.

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Your grandson sounds like a sweetie, though I'm sure you could have done without the cold! Feel better soon!