Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Small Success Thursday - October 1

Happy Thursday,
Did you notice a couple of weeks ago I figured out how to create my post, send the link to my phone and use my phone to post my linky from the office. 

I've been walking a lot. Part of it is because Hubby is participating in a group at work recording activity in a competition. I need all the exercise I can get. With the free time freed up from not driving my teen to school, I wanted to exercise more. I did take a walk at lunchtime Monday. I don;t need to hoard my "Lunch Hour" To pick up the teen. 

I have the wedding quilt I have been working on on the machine for machine quilting. I want to send it off next Monday,

Have a great week.

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Reconciled To You said...

I have found that walking has been such a place of peace for me. I leave the phone inside - and just chat with God as I get in my step goal. Good for you making healthy use of your extra time!