Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Small Success Thursday: A day early

Here is my usual spiel, I work from home M, W & F. The office where I go on Thursday's blocks a lot of websites, so I am not able to write or link up on Thursdays until really late in the day. If I am thinking clearly at 6 AM, i write my post and send my URL for the linkup to my email and then can post to the linky from my phone.

Anyways, not feeling too successful right now, even though it is not my issue. My son is finishing up semester exams. He is my scholar. He wanted to take honor classes, but he fell into a hole in one class and procrastinated and stalled to the point where he did not pass for the quarter. Ugh, I do not get it. Hubby did not get in touch with scholarly side until midlife is more sympathetic. I have said my piece and am now trying hard to keep my mouth shut. Don;t my boys want to do well? Don't they push themselves to do well? Why don't they just do that damn homework? Ok. vent over, moving on. Yeah, I was a good student.

But lets see, Finally got both Christmas trees decorated.  My shopping is done unless I need some fabric for one of my sewing projects. All gifts are wrapped.

I have been doing a new exercise program of body weight exercised 3 days a week. I missed last Friday, but vow to not skip this one. I have been using our ancient, hand-me down treadmill. So feeling good about that.

Everyone have a blessed Christmas.

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

I hear you on motivating the teenagers to do well. UGH!

Great going on the 3x/week exercise. Send me some of that motivation for when I get rid of this boot, OK?