Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Repost: My Christmas dish collection Christmas preparations

This Morning, Shannon of "WFMW" fame posted about her dishes and invited readers to post theirs. I took pictures Christmas 2006 when I switched out my Christmas Dishes.

I too have a thing for seasonal dishes. I have a set of 4 Melamime dishes for Halloween, Valentines day, Spring/Easter and Summer. I also have my MIL's set of China with something close to 16 sets packed away in one of hte Rubbermaid dish chests they sold several years ago when Christmas dish sets became very popular.

So I made the big dish switch. Several years ago I decided the I liked having Christmas plates. Well,actually we got a service for 4 as a Wedding gift.

But then I acquired a set of melamine plates that were on sale the year I was to have Christmas at my house.

Then a year later I got some other dishes. Then a few days before Christmas they were selling for 50% off. So I got a whole set. Some Santa and some snowmen.


Muddy said...

I love the snowman and santa ones!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I always want to buy those melamine plates too. But I haven't yet. Nice collection!

Jackie said...

What cute plates! I love them all.