Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Anybody know how to build an Ark?

It's raining a lot here in SW Ohio. We got a foot of snow last weekend that all melted. The rivers are overrunning their banks. My kids started their Spring break tow days early today due to flooding in the school that was still rising.

Well, a good thing the kids were home. They were able to discover that the sump pump was not working and call Dad who had it replaced before more than an inch of water gathered. I think most of the stuff I really cared about was up on my lovely shelves or in plastic bins. We need to do another purge anyways.

I guess they have all the water pumped out or gotten by the shop vac. Now they are moving and checking things. Did I relate how Hubby threw out his back 10 days ago shoveling the foot of snow? He can't lift much. I guess the 12 Yo is being a huge help. Hubby mentioned taking the boys out for lunch.

Meanwhile, I am dealing with another piece of drama here at work wile in a class. The class is down the hall from my office. That' more of a curse than a blessing.

Did I mention that I am having not jsut one party at my house on Easter, but two?

I live for this kind of drama. LOL! I have jsut recenly admitted this to myself.

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Jackie said...

Hope the flooding does not get any worse. As far as building an Ark....I would have a problem building a raft little lone an ark.