Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ohio Snow pictures & Menu Plan Monday

Back deck about 9 AM Saturday Morning.

The mailbox after shoveling the driveway. Hubby threw out his back after getting about 1/4 of the drive done. The 12 Yo was "helping". I went out and with some help of the 12 YO got one lane cleared. The 12 YO finished the remaining 3/4 of the other side.

Menu Plan for the week:
Mon - Meantloaf in the fridge ready to be put in the oven.
Tuesday - Chicken tortilla casserole.
Wed - Pork chops, stuffing and gravy.
Thurs - Just me and DS8. We will scrounge.
Fri - Fish Fry at Church. \
Holy Cow, I forgot to put a link to Org Junkies Menu Plan monday post and Mr. Linky. Lot os bloggeres create their meal plans.


annie said...

The snow is so pretty!

The writer and the singer said...

Where in Ohio are you? My husband and I are moving to either the Dayton or Cleveland area in May. The snow looks awesome. Probably not that great to shovel...

Jackie said...

My goodness Maggie, you sure did get a lot of snow. Take care.