Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Good News, Bad News

I guess I am setting a good example of citizenship for my sons. They are aware of the election, they know who's running and they have some ideas as to what the various presidential candidates are promising.

Bad News is that they want to know who I support and why. My Dad was always a private man who did not talk much about his political leanings. Although Mom claims they cancel out each others voted every year.

But last night the 12YO and I I had a talk about the platforms of each candidate. I talked about what issues were at the top of my list and which cnadidate I liked for that issue. We also did some hypethical discussion about how "If issue Y were very important to me, Candidate Z would be getting my vote."

At least I know they are interested. They should understand the ramifications. They have a relative, whom I love dearly, but who has no interest in political matters and barely looks at current events if only to see the weather, who votes for a certain party becasue of her father's influence. This relative has been heard to rant about some government actions she did not agree with. She has no idea that the votes she casts are for the people who are making laws that she does not agree with.

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