Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, December 08, 2006

Spread too thin

Ok, I'm not really panicked about this, but strangely detached like I am a ghost watching myself scramble. I have too much going on this year.

There is of course the Christmas shopping. I am having trouble thinking of cool gifts for the 11 YO. And he's no help. He's too much like his Dad.

Then there is the Wrestling club. I am the director. That is like the chief cook and bottle washer. I collected the paperwork and money. I created the roster. I wnet on line, entered names and purchased the USA Wrestling club memebership cards. I purchased the local association Weigh-in cards. I got each wrestler's name, USA card, birthday and age printed on a card (40 of them). I assessed tehir wieghts and determined what size singlet they need, handed out singlets, and ordered additional singlets. I determined the number of t-shirts needed. I gathered the timers, score displays, and ankle bands for the meet. I made sure Hubby was all ready for this weekends meet.

I started to think about our home meet on the 17th. I have to communicated with the teams that are coming to let them know when they should be there, round up parent help, contract with referees, contact the pizza suppliers, buy the food for the concession stand...

And tomorrow, I am flying to New Orleans for a 4-day girls get away. When we scheduled it I had no idea our first meet would be this early. I hoped not to schedule our home meet for Dec 17th.

The fact that this year I am commuting and hour each ay to and from work is not helping. Hubby's got a big project going on at work and has been putting in overtime. However, last year at this time we did have the home meet the same weekend, however, hubby was finishing up his bachelor's degree and he graduated the day before the meet and we had out of town company in....

Why do I do this to myself? I stilla want to finish decorating the house.

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