Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday

So Hubby is not a morning person. Changes to the Morning Routine get him pretty flustered. And add in an ADHD 11 YO and a 7YO who likes to push his brother's buttons and you have chaos.

This moring there was a 2 hour school delay due to ice and fog. I suggested to Hubby (from the road and my wonderful Blue tooth speaker phone) that he take the boys to work with him. (Last week during snow days his Boss said that was possible) and then at 9:30 drive them back to school. You can do that when your are within 5 miles.

So he forgets that it is Ash Wednesday (he knew last night because he was contemplating Chinese Food Wednesday) and he takes the boys to McDonald's for breakfast. The 7 YO - despite warnings from Dad that it was slick and icy jumps out of the van, slips and fall backwards and hits his head on the van. Hubby looks and does not see anything and they go in and order breakfast.

Then the Manager looks at him and asks "What is wrong with your eye?" He had a big, bleeding cut. Hubby calls me and asks where he should take them. I look at the phonebook. The Urgent cares do not open for at leaset an hour. So off to the ER they go. Fortunately he's ok, he got some steri strips and a "no wrestling" order.


Jill said...

Maggie, thanks for the comment on my post. I am so upset. I watched the verdict online yesterday, and I was not surprised, but very sad. She didn't get a good defense. Not even close. I will be writing a blog shortly, as they are getting ready to sentence her as I am typing this.

Jill said...

Wow! I am glad your son is alright! I know all about ADD/ nine year old has ADD, and she can be a handful in the mornings.

Thank goodness he was alright!