Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Basement cleaning report

I took a vacation day yesterday since the boys were off. The 11 YO had a Doctor's appointment at 11:20. But they spent the night at the neighbor's house. So after spending time on the internet, I ventured intot he basement. My target: my laundry area. I decied to hold off on my craft area until we have come up with a storage solution.

I did not take pictures, but lets just say that this area has been ignored as an area that needs regular cleaning. I did purge one garbage bag of stuff - some craft paints that I have not used in 5 years, old milk and joiuce containers that I had fileld with water, put in my freezer to take up freezer space and serve as an emergency supply of water around Y2K. Then as the boys started eating more, I started using my freezer more and those containers got dumped into the stationary tub (the side without the washer drain).

Then my broom and I attacked cobwebs and dust on the walls and on the floor. I wiped laundry detergent off of my washer, cleaned out the stationary tub, swept up the remnants of the dryer sheets and the hangers that had fallen behind the dryer.

Hubby said I accomplished a lot. He was impressed. I'm almost embarrassed that I have not found the time to clean the area well in years. Just the cursory swipe of a broom when it really needed it. Then again, I am lucky to get my bathroom cleaned once a week.

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Jill said...

Sounds like a very productive day! I need to clean my laundry area up, and do something with it. It is beside the garage, and the floor is concrete, as are the walls. I hate going down there. I need to find a way to brighten it up a little, and make it a little easier to spend time down there!