Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, May 18, 2007


My MIL emailed this picture (along with others) with the caption of "How to tell if a Catholic is driving too fast."
I have written in a WFMW post about how I say the Rosary on my commute home.
My Response: The swinging Rosary is why I keep mine in my cup holder… It is my low tech solution to road rage. Ever said 10 Hail Mary’s through gritted teeth? When It’s really bad I pause and call someone a bad name and then worry about a lightning strike.
In saying the Fatima Prayer, I sometimes feel like shouting "Lead all Souls to Heaven ESPECIALLY THOSE IN NEED OF YOUR MERCY. "
Dear Lord, Please watch over my MIL during this difficult time in her life. Help her to make the right decisions for herself and her daughter. Provide her comfort and lead her back to you.

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blackpurl said...

I love it! that is too funny!