Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, May 04, 2007

The House

So here are some of the pictures taken by our Realtor. First is the front of the house, the living room, the kitchen and the breakfast nook/dining area.

I have become obsessive about keeping the place clean and clutter-free. I am a piler. I have gotten rid of all of my piles. Last night I read a magazine and immediately put it in the recycle bin. It made me a bit sad. Silly I know, but I enjoy my few magazines. The tend to sit around for a few months.

And my kitchen counters. Oh, No bread sitting out, no dish drainer. I wash my pots, dry them and put them away. I have been enptying the dishwasher when DS12 is not available so i do not have to leave dished int he sink. I sweep my floors regularly. I miss my books sitting around just waiting for my to pick them up. I like to have a lot fo things going at once. I am afraid of starting something. What if we get a call and someone wants to see the house RIGHT NOW? Sigh.

It's not really a home anymore. It feels like a hotel for me. Only without the maids.

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