Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mother's Day - 6th Grade style

Yesterday I took a vacation day. It was the day of the Annula Sixth Grade Mother's Day Mass. And it was lovely. Each student had a role to play. My Son played the drum for the recessional hymn.

The the reception aftwards, the students served their mothers donuts and coffee. There was a gift bag at each place in eash bag was a lovely hand knotted small rosary (one decade size). The students made them. Along side was a sheet on how to pray the rosary. I am thrilled to pieces with it and will cherish it as much as I cherish my other Rosary that was the decoration on my First Communion cake.

Last Sunday we attended a First Communion party for my cousin. (When your Monther is second of 11 children, you have cousins close to the age of your children.) The same Aunt who made my cake made my cousin's. I told her that I still have my Roasary. She smiled.

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annie said...

What sweet traditions. Sounds lovely.