Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Portable Hard Drive Giveaway

I'm not really big on entering bloggy giveaways, but I decided it was time to enter this latest one at 5 Minutes for Mom. Janice and Susan are giving away 3 Western Digital Portable hard drives.

So why am I entering? Well, last week hubby went on a business trip. They drove the 4 hours to NW Indiana. Somewhere int eh rental car his thumb drive fell out of his pocket. He was in a tizzy. He had put a copy of spreadsheet with the paswords to all of his account on it. IN his momentary panic, he was thinking that he would have to cancel all of his current accounts and open new ones until I said "You have another copy of that spreadsheet here on our home computer, right?" After affirmation, I then suggested that he simply go in and change all of his passwords. Yea, panic mode makes us forget the simple things.

However, many of his co-workers have portable hard drives. He had been talking about getting one. Now since I am the computer geek of tha family, I was digging for his "requirements" and he came to the conclusion that the Thumb drive is meeting his current needs. Except for the fact that it is small enough to put in his pocket and small enough to fall out. So he would get the portable drive. It would make him feel more "geeky" and he likes that feeling.

Oh YEs, He was able to retrieve his thumb drive from the rental car the next day.


Cyber_Hippie said...

I'm glad he got his thumb drive back. I think I would have flipped out, too!

Have you/has he considered getting or making a case for the thumb drive? Something like a glasses case, only smaller? Don't know if that would help or not...

Good luck with the giveaway!
~Jen M.

Beck said...

I hope you win! Those are very cute!