Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, September 27, 2007

My ADHD-er and 7th grade


Last night I arrived home form work and Hubby was commenting that the 7th grader had a lot of homework and was not working efficiently. Hubby is concerned that he is not taking advantage of class time to finish his work. But he got his homework completed shortly after dinner. I asked to see his plan book. The school supplies (for a $4 fee) as plan book for the students. My second grader has one also.


If you were around last year, I got him a teachers plan book as recommended by the book “The Organized Student..” . While that last school also had agendas, they were small with tiny lines and not very effective. This school has good ones for the kids. The 2nd Grader’s is different from the 7th Graders. I initial the second graders every night to vouch that he did his 15 minutes of reading.  


I was pleased to see that the 7th grade plan book is set up very much like the teacher’s planner. It looks like my boy has done a good job of writing everything down. But there were also 4 stamps of “Missing assignments.”  The excuse was “I forgot to look at my plan book.” Ok, I can help there. So now I need to remember to ask to see the plan book on a regular basis. I’m also glad the 2nd grader is starting young. I think the 7th grader started in 4th grade with a planner.

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