Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, January 25, 2008

I Must be crazy

Ok, So we are in the depths of Wrestling season. The 12 Yo is into it. While he keeps getting beat in wrestle-offs to be the A wreatler for the tournaments, he's still putting forth his best effort. He practices 3 days a week. Four if Dad makes him go to Friday night practice with the grade school kids. The District Tournement is in four weeks. So we'll be through, right? Nope. There will be a team to go to open tournaments. The boy wants to participate.

But I met another Mom last night and we decided we live close enough to carpool. Oh joy! Of course the boy still does not get home until 8:30. Yes, he is 12, but he boards the school bus at 6:45, which backs up to mean we roll him out of bed at 6:00 AM. I worry about making sure he has the opportunity to get enough sleep. He is starting to sleep in on the weekends, just like a teenager. He also stay up lat some nights reading.

So here is why I am crazy, I am going to sign him up for a boating safety class. It is Wednesday nights, 7 - 9 PM for 8 weeks. I have been wanting to get him into some sort of water/boating safety class. My Parents have a house on a lake with 3 boats. My Dad got a little row boat with an electric motor that he can take out himself. My son will probably spend upwards of a month there this year.

This class is conducted by the Coast Guard Auxilliary. The cost is $25. I'd be willing to pay three times that amount for such a class. So we are going to go, get the class materials. If it proves to be too much after a couple of weeks, I have no issues with pulling him out. I talked to the instructor last night asking if it would be appropriate for a 12 YO (Almost 13 he reminded me). The isntrcutor said if another family member wanted to come too, the cost would be $5 as long as they shared the materials. We also discussed retaking the class if it's over the head of the 12 YO. He said, as long as we still had the materials, the cost would most likely be $5.

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udandi said...

Yes, the game was on CSTV, which apparently is through digital cable. Cuz and I were thinking back to our childhood when you used to be able to watch the games on local channels. Channel 19 is no longer going to carry UC basketball.