Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not bad for a wrestler

My 12 YO son is a wrestler. We put him on a wrestling team when he was in First Grade becasue we felt he needed an outlet for his energy during the Winter. Wrestling is a great sport for an ADHDer becasue it is fast paced, energy intensive and requires a short period of focus. (Matches are rarely longer than 6 minutes).

When he was in 3rd anf 4th grade, he also played basketball. That school is a feeder to a High school known for excellence in Basketball. And that school was right across the parking lot. But this basketball league was Friday nights only. Practices and games were Friday nights. Great! Wreslting was not Friday nights. So he played. And discovered that he wa a better wrestler than a basketball player.

So imagine my surprise when he comes home with a flyer about a free-throw contest sponsordd by our parishes Knights of Columbus Council. "I can throw free-throws Mom!" So Of course, I took him. (He's having a rough year in wrestling). Last night we got a call that his 9 out of 15 shots was the record for his age group. So Tomorrow night I need to take him to another Church in town for another round of free-throws.

Oh, and he wrestled on Sunday and took second place. He got beat by the teammate who keeps beating him out for a position to go to dual meets.

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Jackie said...

Congratulations to your son on winning his age group at the Free Throw competition. Hope he does well in the second round.

Our Knights do the same up here. The competition is next month though. The kids at school are all practicing.