Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm still here

I tried to log in yesterday, but Blogger told me my browser security was messed up. I did not have time to play with it, so I simply tried again today. Some Computer support person I am, Good thing I moved up to management.

Anyways, Hubby is dieting for the first time. He wants to drop a few pounds. He's never really gone hard core before. He did thank me for the effort I have being going through to support him and he also apologized for the times when he was not supportive of my efforts by bringing home sweets and stuff. "I now know how hard it is to have them around and not go for them."

The 8 YO has all but given up on putting much effort into wrestling practice. We did tell him we wanted him to wrestle in 2 meets per month. So this Sunday he is signed up the wrestle. He's signed up for baseball. That will start in April. With games in May and June. Then Fall will most likely be football. Hopefully Flag Football for the next few years.

The 12 YO is inconsistent with his efforts in wrestling. There are certain Jr high meets where they allow 6th graders to participate. In those instances, there are 4 kids in the 86 lb weight class. He just has not adapted to the style of this club. It is more intense than the last club. But that is a big part of the reason we choose this school.

I am being challenged with a new smartphone. The CIO has one. We had a serice problem last month. No one but the CIO complained. We eventually got it fixed, but I now hope to know about service issues befoe the CIO notices. But My Blackberry was much simpler.

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