Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, January 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 1/14/08

Hi Everyone,

I've still been doing menu planning even if I have not been posting. Hubby started a diet. It's been pretty funny. He's apologized for the times when I dieted that he did not fully support me and brought treats for himself and to boys into the house.

He's allowed 1 serving of carb per day and low fat. I have been supporting him with the menus and showing him how he can go beyond the meals printed in his booklet. He's actually doing an ok job.


Sunday - Turkey meatloaf, steamed spinach (boys had fruit) and rice (I made regualr and wild)

Monday- (Hubby's out of town, DS12 has wrestling at 6 PM) - Pulled a 2 serving-sized container of Chicken and rice casserole out fo the freezer for the boys to eat. There is leftover Chicken stir fry for me.

Tuesday - (Hubby's out of town, DS12 & DS8 have wrestling at 6 PM) - I'll find something else for the boys to make on their own.

Wednesday - (Free night, yipee) Pork Loin chops, Broccoli or green beans, leftover rice

Thursday - (Just DS8 and I, DS12 has band practice after school, Hubby will pick him up, get some fast food and go to 6 PM practice) - We'll dig for stuff - homemade pizza maybe

Friday - (DS8 practice at 6:30) - Hubby works a half day on Friday's, so I leave it up to him. However he invaribly calls and asks what I have planned. Last Friday, instead of getting frustrated, I told him it was "Dad's choice" night.

Weekend - We are going out of town for a wrestling meet. The hotel includes breakfast. But we do have a fridge. So I will pack some snacks to lessen the times at the concession stand.

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