Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi All,

We exchanged some Valentines yesterday as Thursdays are usually a busy day for us. Hubby brought me home a nice boquet of mixed flowers. They look beautiful in the center of the kitchen table. He picked up a Whitman's sampler box for each boy. I picked up a box of Chocolate covered Cherries for Hubby. (Glad I got them).

Yesterday my 12 yo was sounding quite froggy and was speed-eating rootbeer-flavored cough drops. Poor kid coughed all night. So this morning we decided to give his teachers and classmates a nive Valentines by NOT sending him and his cold germs to school. That means he won't be staying after school for band practice nor will he go to wrestling practice tonight. Thus our normally busy night is quite free.

However, I did not make plans for dinner tonight. It is usually just the 8 YO and I as Hubby swings by and picks up food for himself and the 12 yo between band and wrestling.

This also means I do not ahve to leave work early to be home when the 8 yo gets off the bus. I can make up the hour I missed yesterday when they boys had a 2 hour delayed start for school.

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