Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - What happened?

I have not given up on planning my menus weekly. I get a vague idea before I do the grocery shopping. It's jus tthat there are so many poster on Laura's blog for Menu Plan Monday. I'm finding it better for my family if I write my menu on a piece of paper and slap it ont he fridge. My 8 yo is always very interested in his meals. Of course he makes an ugly face at half of my plans. Unless it included hot dogs, mac and cheese or spaghetti.

So Hubby is out of town this week. He' be back Thursday evening. I did - even though it's the end of the season, find someone to carpool to wrestling with. Last night the other Mom did the drop off and pcik-up. Tongiht it is my turn. I suggested this way becasue the 8 yo goes on Tuesdays. When Hubby is home, he goes and coaches. Of course The 8 yo could have his last meet thins Sunday.

But I am rather free with my menus when Hubby is not home. Last ngiht it was hot dogs for the boys and mac and cheese. Tonight will most likely be leftovers of mac and cheese.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. As a good Catholic, I try to fast, but I am scared to death of my blood sugar dropping. So I will try to be careful. I think I will make Mozzarella cheese sticks for dinner. I will cook up a little bit of shrimp or scallops for myself.

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Aunt Murry said...

OMGoodness - That is exactly what I had for dinner last night! LOL, guess I am just a kid at heart!