Band Parents

Band Parents

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Son and Liquid Zithromax

So my 12 YO last week was a bit sick. He has a nasty cough and a low grade fever. So he stayed home form school Thursday and Friday. Friday Dad took him to the doctor where he was given a prescription for liquid Zithromax. This stuff is bright red and cherry-flavored.

So here is this boy who was dragging becasu fo cold that morphed into a sinus infection, but starting Saturday, he was off the carts with ADHD hyper energy. I swear he tap daced around the house for 4 days. His mouth was going a mile-a-minute. He was pushing all of his brother's buttons. You would ahve though we had forgotten to put his Daytrana patch on.

His Dad said he thought it was the lack of wrestling practice and the outlet for nervous energy it provides. I voted for something in the Zithromax. Yesterday was his last dose. This morning I noticed a big difference. The 12 YO noticed a difference. He does not usually notice those sorts of things.

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