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Band Parents

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Small Successes - Jan 2, 2013

So I really have not had a huge break. As a Contractor, I do not have vacation time and we do not visit out of town relatives, I have been going into the office and working on business days. We have snow this morning and my son's school was cancelled. So he gets another day of playing XBOX without Mom or Dad nagging him.

So my small successes:
1. yesterday I took down the live Christmas tree and swept and vacuumed up the fallen needles. The Faux tree is still up until after the Epiphany.
2. I have been conservative about my after-Christmas shopping. I don't really NEED new clothing. At my current job, anything that can be called "business casual" to just short of beach attire goes.
3. I did, however, get a new shelf for my hanging shelving until in the basement. Amazing how much better organized the storage corner of the basement looks with more stuff off of the floor.

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Sarah said...

Those after-Christmas sales are so tempting, aren't they?! I did get a few Christmas things at Target and a couple sweaters at Coldwater Creek at Target prices! :-) Happy New Year!

Sherry Antonetti said...

Yeah, my kids use that logic too. If you didn't want me to love it, why did you get it for us? So I have to tell myself, do not nag. Do not nag. Do not nag.

Anonymous said...

Great Successes!
I have not been shopping at all after Christmas. We are really concentrating on budget, so I'm uber aware... it's kinda bummerish.
Anyway - Happy New Year.