Band Parents

Band Parents

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Just call me Grandma....

Today was a big day, my first Grandchild came in to the world, a health baby boy.  While I am thrilled with this little boy, there is still the feeling that he came in to the world way too early. you see his parents are only 18 and graduated from High School last spring. I have to fight the feeling that I did something wrong as a Mom, but then again I take comfort in a few facts:

My Son and his Girlfriend have been seeing each other for over three years.
They decided to give this unexpected baby life
They are staying together and planning a Summer 2015 Wedding.

So as parents whoa re pro-life, we are working to find a balance between helping out the kids and helping them to develop their independence.

Dad and Baby:

 Grandpa and Baby:
 Me and Baby:

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