Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Small Success Thursday Aug 7 Edition

This past week has been more crazy/busy than usual. My Son's Wedding is this weekend. My parents are in town for the festivities, Hubby's traveling, The 14 YO was trying out for the High school soccer team last Friday and tore his ACL. Then I shipped him off to Band camp with a bum kee. (Doctor approve, kid was ecstatic to go) So far I am holding it together, but there has been a benign event or two that has come close to reducing me to tears

I finished painting and decorating our old wagon as a means for my Grandson to ride up the aisle at his Parent's wedding,

Garter is in progress. Thanks to a product I found at JoAnn's I call garter on a role, I just have to sew the ends together and sew on a blue rhinestone button button.

I drove the  Band's extended van towing the 25 ft equipment trailer. I got lost and had an intimate encounter with a pole on a corner, taking out a tire, but the equipment got there, I called AAA to come out and change the tire, Hubby said the tires are in need of replacing anyways. Why was I driving, because Hubby was out of town and as of yet, no other Dad's have stepped up as willing to drive the thing.. This afternoon I get to go and bring it back. Say a prayer for me please.

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