Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Small Success Thursday - Back to school

My son started back to school this week. On crutches due to his torn ACL. He reluctantly allowed me to take a picture today, dressed in his Mass Day best.
I finally made an appointment to see my Primary Care Physician. Need refills on the meds. I need to get better about taking my prescribed meds. I get my morning does in 5 or so days a week, but usually for get my evening does. I need to work on that.

We have been eating at home. I have been very creative with what we have in the house. I did not make my beginning-of-the-month Costco run because I had cookies for the Wedding reception in my freezer. But we have been eating at home.

Hubby replaced our garage door opener yesterday. A Thunder-storm-induced power pop was the final blow. It only wanted to run in one direction. The lights on it stopped working in 2011 when we had a lightening strike that caused our chimney to explode and required roof repairs and replacement of a computer, tv and other items. I am just thankful we have never had a fire. I was surprised to learn that my township has an above average number of lightening strikes.

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Hope your son heals well and quickly!
As to your medications, may I offer a suggestion? Keep your toothbrush next to your medication organizer. When you brush your teeth morning and night, take your medicine first!

Jaime said...

Oh my goodness, a torn ACL! Wow, poor guy! Prayers that it all heals up well.

That's crazy about all the lightning strikes! :) Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray your son heals quickly for sure.
Bless him. that has to be tough at school.

Blessings for you!