Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Small Success Thursday

We've had a mild summer until now. Everyone is back in school and the hot, humid, muggy air comes in.

1. Had a very grumpy teenager yesterday. School had a late start yesterday due to a teacher meeting, but My work did not have a late start. Intellectually he understood that and blamed his anger on "Murphy's law". This quick-tempered Momma managed to keep her cool and her voice down instead of yelling.

2. Same teenager was allegedly the last one to access the freezer in the garage for a frozen breakfast sandwich. I came home Tuesday to a big puddle of water on the garage floor and defrosted items int eh freezer. I simply sighed and gave Thanks that I did not do a big stock up on the Costco run as I threw out Waffles, Breakfast sandwiches, homemade broth, Flank steak, Chicken, pulled pork...

3. Finally got Ponchos ordered for the Band. I have been looking at them. We have insulated raincoats that are good for 30-50 degrees, but in Aug and Early Sept, they are took heavy. Of course, the Team has won that State championships the last 2 years and the Late November and December games have been very cold.  I just felt like I was making decisions in a vacuum, but finally did it.

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