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Band Parents

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Small Success Thursday - The Day to Day Grind

More and more, I am having difficulty coming up with my small successes. But then I think that is when I really need to think about this. My vocation as a Wife and Mom have a tendency to be eclipsed by my working-for-pay job. In the beginning, I was called to work. I enjoyed it, I could not imagine being a stay at home Mom. it was not for me. I had earned my Master's degree and was ready to take in the IT world. It would be quite a few years before Hubby would decided he was ready to go back to school for his degree.

These days, my paycheck is putting out son through Catholic High school, school loans and extra wants and luxuries. The first two are worth every penny. My youngest son is only dependent upon me for grocery transportation, grocery shopping an financial support. I am longing to slow down, I still enjoy the paid work I do. And I have a good amount of flexibility. God had been good to me, in June he pointed me to a new job that enabled me to take my son to and from school (no bus service). And even though it is a contract position, I am keeping calm that everything will work out ok. If it is meant to be that I work less and be available to care for my Grandson so his parents can work and go to school, it will happen (My perfect scenario is a part-time position. Unfortunately they are not so common in IT).

Anyways, my days start early with getting up and getting dressed. I aim to leave the house at 6:30 pending the readiness of the teenager, drop him off at school. work by 7:30. I usually work through lunch so I can leave at 4. M & W I need to pick up the teen form school, T & Th he has band, but my older son and his wife have class, so they drop off the baby at 4:30. I cook and serve dinner, we clean up, I spend time with Hubby and am in bed by 9:30 and start all over again. Unless there is a band boosters meeting, or a meeting of the school's parent technology committee that I help out on... You get the picture.

So I guess there is success at putting one foot in front of the other, taking care of my employer's needs and my family's needs. I'd love to squeeze some personal exercise in there, on a consistent basis,. I manage a walk every couple of days.. But it is not be be this season.

But hey, I have packed my lunch so far this week. Better fro my wallet and my waistline.    

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Sounds like you have plenty of successes going on. I love that we can all celebrate our various successes in our different seasons of parenting!