Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Small Success Thursday - Oct 9

Another Thursday, Another post...

I am in a season of my life where I really need these weekly reminders. Personally I feel like I am spinning my wheels most of the time, not growing in any aspect of my life.

It is amazing how with the advent of blogs, twitter and online news, how focused I am on my faith life. I think about my faith and the love for it much more than I did 10 years ago when my faith life consisted of prayer before dinner, Mass on the weekends and conversations with my kids about their day at the Catholic school.  

Now I can participate in Novenas by signing up for regular emails from (Not that I am good at saying the prayers each and every day, But God is hearing me. My intentions for the last year have been focused on asking for my parents to get moved back to my home town. That has finally happened. I prayed for a peaceful death for a wonderful lady who is a friend of the family. Her doctors are amazed that she is not in excruciating pain and she has a happy demeanor, granting her husband, kids and grandkids good memories of her final days. I have been praying for my son, DIL and Grandson that they build a strong family and take steps to support themselves. My son has been working a labor intensive job for almost a year. We would love him to take some classes or vocational training. He is back taking an English class towards a degree and he is starting to explore other options. He realized that he does not want to be like his poor partner at work who is 50, has been pulling cable all of his working life, is slow, aching and tired. Thank you Lord!

I have been mostly patient with the 15 yo when he blamed me for forgetting his lunch the other day. He said I rushed him. Hum, I have a declared time to leave the house. He was not ready. Not my fault. This morning we had to turn around because he forgot his school laptop. Although I admit I got quite load when he did not want to taek the bag of too small creates in for the sports equipment drive saying "It would be a pain to carry it to the other side of the school." After his actions had put me at least 15 minutes late and I had to call into a conference call from my car.

And I have cooked dinner and packed my lunch this week. For today I have split pea soup in my crockpot.

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