Band Parents

Band Parents

Friday, January 02, 2015

Looking behind and looking ahead - A New year

So today is the second day of 2015.

2014 was certainly eventful.

It started out January 7th with the birth of my first Grandchild. He was unplanned and unexpected, but he is well loved by parents, grandparents, 7 Great Grandparents and Aunt and an Uncle who are both his godparents. Yes, he was baptized in the Catholic Church.

My 15YO was Confirmed they day after his nephew's baptism.

In spite of worries, I stayed employed all of 2014, switching jobs in mid-June to a location closer to home.

In August, my grandson's 19 YO parents were married in a beautiful civil Wedding. My son found a job he enjoys and is realizing the benefit of more education even if he is unable to follow through on classes right now. (Baby steps)

My 15 YO started High school. He is loving it while adjusting with time management. I am confident he will get there.

As for 2015:
Tomorrow my son and Daughter-in-law will participate in a Convalidation ceremony so that their Marriage is valid in the Catholic Church.

My Grandson will turn 1.

My current contract ends at the end of January. So I am seeking new opportunities and hoping another great job comes along or the current one is extended.

IN March my younger son will get his temps and I will start teaching him to drive. Since our school system does not supply busing for High schoolers, we plan to provide a car for him to drive. So discussions are underway as to the best avenue. With the older boy, while I wanted to get him a smaller, standard shift, Hubby talked me into getting a new car and letting him drive my Ford Escape. He ended up flipping it (no injuries, Thank You God!). But the younger is a different temperment and while I'd like him to learn to drive a manual transmission, I don't think he needs it to keep is focus on driving.  And where will I be working. If it is with my current position, close to home, I'd e willing to drive Hubby's 2006 Min van, the boy could drive my 2010 Prius and Hubby get a new car. So we will see.

Have a great year

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