Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Snow edition

Hello everyone,

Here in SW Ohio we started winter with some snow in Late November, then it had been pretty mild until this week. School has been called off and I don't expect him to go tomorrow due to dangerous wind chills.

  1. I got our taxes complete and sent off. In spite of this being the first year without my oldest as my deduction, we still got a bit of a refund. Hubby asked if we put it towards new windows on our second floor. Unfortunately, We paid to fix our oldest son's car and signed the younger up for summer PE and Health to help squeeze band into his schedule and the youngest needed some new items of clothing. God gives us just enough. 
  2. So in the last week I have been talking to people here at the office - I should say "Networking". This office has mostly contractors and so my resume has been sent off to most. I talked to a recruiter yesterday and then my current company contact me with a possible opportunity.
  3.  Gearing up for a mini-vacation with Hubby. We have both been under a lot of stress around our jobs. We need this. 
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Kerri Baunach said...

I'm in central KY and have also been deep in the snow. Good luck with everything! Hope you get to take a nice vacation soon.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Enjoy your vacation and prayers that your job possibilities soon turn into a reality!