Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Feb 2

Hey, it is Thursday, the day I blog...
I have a husband and son whoa e disappointed that the big snows have missed our area. We had less than an inch last night. I think that brings the Cincinnati area up to 3 inches for the season. But for my successes:

1. Went for my annual physical/Doctor's visit last Friday. I even told her about my recent back pain so she sent me for an x-ray. Result - Arthritis in my back. So now I go for Physical Therapy. (at a $60 a pop co-pay).

2. Went and picked up my 1 year old Grandson Friday evening as he was awake most of the night and then napped most of the afternoon. LOL! First stop, Famous footwear for a new pair of shoes. He outgrew his old ones and Mom was inclined to keep him in footie pajamas. He even kept them on.

3. And no small success, but I have an interview scheduled for Monday with a new local hospital. So if you would say a prayer for inspirational answers to my interview questions, I'd appreciate it.

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Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

You got it on those interview prayers! Memorare UP!

I am laughing about the 1-year-old and the shoes. My daughter, at that age, wouldn't keep them on either. I resorted to buying high-tops because she couldn't get those off.

Jaime said...

Prayers for your interview! How on earth did you get a 1-year-old to keep shoes on? Our 17-month-old refuses. I keep socks in the diaper bag to put on him when we go places to pretend we even try to keep his feet warm. ;)