Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Pantry clean out

Happy Thursday. It's that time of the week where we reflect on the small things we do each week so as not to lose sight of the things we accomplish in our day to day lives.

I finally took the time to empty my lazy susan bottom cabinet and my pantry and an upper corner cupboard. The Toddler grandson likes to open the lazy susan and bring me the glass bottle of Olive Oil. I decided to find a new home. And my pantry has needed help for a while now. But I contemplated this project for weeks, but Sunday was the day. I emptied everything on the dining room table, discovered the upper shelf of the lazy susan was cracked. I was able to order a new one through Amazon and hubby installed it last night. True confessions, there are still items on the dining room table for which I need to find a home. Probably the cabinet above my fridge since it is colored sugar/sprinkles and other cake/cookie decorations.

I finished another step in my Quilt squares. I am making Flying Geese. It involves cutting and sewing squares of 2 different fabrics, cutting each in half and putting 2 haves together and sewing again. Then cutting in half again and them trimming. I did the first sewing and cutting (and ironing) and am ready to put the squares together for the second time. I sew in spurts.

I got to use the long burner bar on my new stove, twice. Once I used my oblong "Rachel Ray" skillet and the second time I used a double-burner cast iron griddle/grill pan. I love it. I made pork chops on the grill and even got complimented on them by my non-pork lover family members.

So Join up with Catholic Mom to reflect on your accomplishments in the midst of the "lather, rise, repeat" nature of our lives.  

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