Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Summer School edition

We are almost through week 2 of the 3 week summer school session. Morning gym class is a various places around town, then my son needs to be picked up, lunch gotten and transported to the High school for Health class. Monday was a change in plans and I missed the email. Sigh. But we have been getting it done. I was really worried about Monday since it is on the other side of town. My son finally decides he figured out a classmate who drives and is in both classes and another classmate/bandmate who lives nearby that he might catch a ride to.

Meanwhile, at work, I have been busy. I am the master scheduler for the migration of email accounts. Talk about data overload. And teleconference after teleconference. So I have not been up to doing much when I sign up for the day.

So my successes,

  1. Monday night I teed up Tuesday night's dinner. Since I work from the office Tuesdays (and Thursdays), I can rely on Hubby and son to get dinner on the table if they don't have to do too much heavy lifting. I had sloppy joes made up. a salad prepared.  
  2. Made a batch of home baked cookies for the band picnic last night (no cooking dinner)
  3. Mostly keeping my cool with bad directions to some gym class destinations and DS's driving. He's more confident behind the wheel but that is causing him to be a little less careful with things liek Right turns on red. Thank goodness for our Guardian Angels. 
Linking up with Catholic Mom to acknowledge those small accomplishments that tend to get lost in the minutia of day to day life. 

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