Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Why I remain Catholic -

The Anchoress has challenged any Catholic that has access to a platform to blog about why we stay Catholic in light of the recent pew study saying that Catholics are leaving in droves.

I am a cradle Catholic, educated in Catholic schools from Grade 4-High School. My older son was in Catholic Schools k-12. My Second son spent part of 4th - 8th in Public school as the Catholic school he was in was not the right place for him. He was and continues to e enthusiastic about his Catholic High School. Finding a Catholic spouse was important to me.

Not that we are perfect. far from it. We do attend Mass most weeks. We are not overly involved in the parish right now as our focus is more on the High School Band.

But I look at the church - the Roman Catholic organization, as a constant that I can count on in a chaotic, constantly changing society. I don;t always agree with everything, but I seek to understand the philosophy behind the teachings and am comforted by it. The church is not perfect, but it considers things and can change when necessary. There are parts of it that are dynamic and ground-breaking in spite of the public image. I actually like Pope Francis' current approach of shifting the focus of the first world church to more basic issues while not changing teachings. He also reminds us that I will always be welcome to come back into the fold not matter what.

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