Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Small Success Thursday - This and that edition

Happy Thursday afternoon everybody,

I got sent home from the office due to Network issues. Glad I am not a part of that support team.

But Happy Thursday again.

We are still plodding along. It is t-7 days until I might be able to hand up my Chauffeur's hat. My son has an appointment at the BMV next Wednesday. My husband is heading overseas for the next week. I'd appreciate a prayer for a safe return home for him.

I guess my successes are keeping on the path. We've been cooking from home. I spent $27 on an at home steak dinner for Hubby (He is heading to India). I had thought about taking him out, but the meal for the three of us would have only fed one of us at a restaurant.

Last weekend I had my younger son drive downtown. The Older son said he wished he had done that. He came out of music hall once time and got turned around. So we parked there, walked a few blocks over to an up-and-coming neighborhood, had lunch at a fun restaurant. He loved it. He is my foodie. I need to show him other ways to get to the University as he will go every Sunday evening for his Outside band practice.

We had our married son and his family over for lunch Sunday and ate on the deck.

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Have a great week. 


Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Definitely a great idea to get your son used to driving in the city. I still dread city driving!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely pray for your husband.
My husband travels and it can be concerning and easy to eat out while he is gone.
Stick to your guns.