Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Small Success Thursday - 4 hours a week found

Welcome to my Small Success Thursday post. A time to stop and reflect on the little things we overlook in our roles as homemakers and caretakers.

My son passed is driver's test and is now a licensed driver. I am inordinately excited. Parents who have not been through this are shocked at my excitement. But 1) This is my second son 2) Our school district cut busing for high schoolers about 5 years ago and even if he attended the local public school, it is not walk-able/bike-able from my home. His parochial school is about a 25 minute drive. My current work schedule has me working form home MWF, going to my consulting company office on Tuesday when the school is not really out of my way and Th I go to the client office in the opposite direction of school. So MW is 4 round trips and Thursday is 5. Hubby can pick him up from band practice on Thursdays take him on Fridays,  So at a minimum that is 4 hours a week that have been freed up. I am very excited about that. I am hoping I will put this time to good use and exercise during my newly-found free time.

Have a great day,

See Catholic Mom for more successes.

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