Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, June 19, 2006

Ok, One of my ADHD traits that has followed me into adulthood is impulsivity. Fortunately I am well aware of it and take steps to combat it. On the other hand, In order to keep from being paralyzed when making a decision, I tend to try to narrow down my choices to a few and agonize between them. But that applies to decisions that will not have a long term effect on my life, like choosing a meal at a restaurant.

Hubby and I are planning on moving next summer. Last year at this time, we thought we’d simply find a little bit bigger house. Our kids go a parochial school and there are 4 school districts that bus to their school. But then I switched jobs last month and I am now driving 50 miles one way to my job in the next city. Now the one hour trip each way is not bothering me too much, but being away from home and not being able to fix dinner for my family IS bothering me. I am going to make an attempt to set up the crockpot 3 days a week. I may even spring for a model that has the timer where it will cook for so many hours and then keep the food warm.

So back to moving: We can move to a community that is closer to the Interstate I need to take and it could shave 20 to 30 minutes off my trip. It may add 20 minutes to Hubby’s 6 minute drive. So I have been researching: The Parochial High school, the various k-8 schools available, the various communities.

I have not heard a lot of solid facts about the High School, but I have heard only positive things. So I saw on their website that the festival is next weekend. We are going to go to it. The boys love to go to such festivals. It should be a nice family outing, with money going to a reasonably good cause and we get to see how we fit in with the community.

I embrace change and see it as a new adventure. Hubby has a difficult time with change. He has willingly gone the past 2 Sunday’s with me driving around our areas. Yesterday I did a search on house for sale that met out price and size criteria and we drove to them, mostly to look at the neighborhoods. Hubby found himself nitpicking each house. Then he started driving all around a particular community that we talked about avoiding because the income tax was pretty high. But he liked the area. I wanted to steer him outside the city limits and to the township.

After we got home he admitted that it was going to take him more time to get used to the idea of moving. He likes the community because he likes the baseball league he has been coaching in, and the YMCA where he has been coaching soccer. I guess I also know this instinctively and why I have him driving around looking at neighborhoods even though it will be a year before we plan to move.

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