Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, June 29, 2006

What part of NO....

Here's the scene. DS6 and I go to the grocery. We were out of milk and it's our turn to take snacks for after the T-Ball game. So A picks out juice boxes and then wants some sort of twisty fruit snacks. You know those fruit chews or leather that are sugar-laden and in a box? So each box holds 6. There are 12 kids on the team plus siblings. We get home and the 11 YO askes if he can have one.
"No they are for after the ballgame tomorrow"
"But Mom, you have 3 boxes"
"I said no"
"Can't I have just one"
Shrieking "I said NO! Go to your room now"
Ugh! This happens consistently. I work hard to stand my ground. There are plenty of other snacks around. I know that if a box were allowed to be opened that the contents woudl mysteriously disappear. He can have one tomorrow. Oh yeah, he probably will elect to stay home during the game. So maybe he won't get one. All the parenting advice says "Be consistent and they'll learn when my says No, the means NO. DS6 seems to have gotten the message. He has not asked for something from the ballpark concession stand since I took him home early several weeks ago. He did ask before hand if he could take $$ to get something. I told him to pack a drink and a snack.

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Beck said...

Isn't that crazy-making? I hate having to repeat myself over and over again, and then realizing that the reason that they don't listen to me is because I give in all the time. But we're just doing our best, and it's a hard job.