Band Parents

Band Parents

Monday, June 26, 2006

Weekend House hunting

Hi Everyone,
So this weekend we attended a festival at the Catholic High School we might be sending our boys too. Yes, the older one is only getting ready to start 6th grade. But with the plan of moving next Summer a bit closer to my workplace, I need to ease the family into it and get them used to the idea. So to the festival. It was nice. DS11 went on two rides that spun him around, then he got an upset stomach. He drank a some water and a coke. When we left we drove around looking at more of the surrounding area. Every trip we creep a bit further South. We saw some homes for sale and some new developments, wrote down some addresses to check out. DS was still feeeling bad. We got to talking to him. He never ate lunch. It was almost 6 PM. He got home and had some ham.

So Sunday after Church, my Mom sweetly offered to let the kids come play at my brother's house where she was keeping my Neice and nephews. So we went back to one of the areas we saw the night before. It was a new housing development. We talked to one of the builders and toured a few models. Dh was pretty excited. I was too. That morning I had doen some Googling. We saw some houses that the prices were way out of our range. But this one particular area, they were not. The school systems was ranked by the state as being "Effective". So this Community has moved to the top of our target list.

DH would love to build. I cringe at the thought. But I've recieved several emails from him this AM. He's talked to a coworker who has built houses who gave him some advice and Dh has decided maybe we are not in a good position to build. Good. No I am off to research another Parochial school in the area. The paperwork ont he community listed 2 schools. The one we have looked at. We have even bveen there for a couple of soccer games. This other must be pretty new since it is named "Mother Theresa".

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