Band Parents

Band Parents

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Closing time, one more call...

So many people have songs playing when they go to their Blogs. So close your eyes and imagine "Closing Time."

I have not gotten a lot packed since my last post. But we have closing times and dates set. We are exercising our writing hands for the closing on our new house Next Thursday at 1:00 PM. I already put in for a half day of vacation. Even though we allowed the sellers to wit until Saturday to give occupancy, they will hand over keys at closing. Hubby will be calling the utility companies to have the service transferred to us. I will be loading up my car with stuff to move in Thursday afternoon.

Maybe I will take a Sharpie and a bunch of post-it notes and plan out where to put things in my kitchen. My MIL said she would be there, but she was not sure how much moving (ie: lifting and carrying) she could do. I'd be happy if she unpacked my kitchen, but she will want me to tell her where to put everything. Then I will plan for other things. Like my craft area.

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